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We took on advantage of our archipelagos configuration and our strategic location by using our synergy of islands, people, and natural resources with explicitly depicts a seemingly EDEN of  the Far East.  Our country has abundant of talent coming from different culture and belief throughout our island.

Many Filipinos, being in-born in many aspects in life, are fully aware of life at different work and to be more knowledgeable, particularly on the approach both academically and scientifically, University, Collages and training centers enhance and train the Filipinos who are interested in pursuing a career to become professional.  To date thePhilippineshas an impressive track record as a major supplier of trained manpower in many parts of the globe.

Filipino workers of various skills categories are spread worldwide making a vast contribution to the growth and modernization of their host countries.  The latest counts place the number of Filipino contract workers in the Gulf region alone at close to half a million.

Filipino workers are preferred over the other national because their demonstrated competence, efficiency, adaptability, and unflinching loyalty.  Moreover, it is easy to communicate with Filipino workers because they posses languages facility notably English.  No less important is the well known fact that Filipino workers are hard working, patient, and dedicated to their jobs.

Above all, our company, Global Unlimited International Manpower Inc. always adhere to the requirement improved by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and other Government Agencies assuring that our workers meet all the necessary legal documents, knowledge, experience, expertise, and leave our country dignity.  All these necessities are scrutinized by our energetic, competent, and honest staff who prepare all the documentation prior to the workers deployment.

To all of you, Principals and Employees and the like, we look forward to a very fruitful, lasting and harmonious business relationship, and rest assured that our service shall and will always be at your disposal.

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